About RP Optical USA

RP Optical USA Inc. is a US company, (fully owned subsidiary of RP Optical Lab Ltd) established during 2021. New premises will be launched in Florida during Q2 2023. We provide Thermal (from the SWIR all the way to the LWIR including multi spectral) imaging and sensing cameras and solutions for our customers, incorporating technology, sub modules and assemblies made by our parent company RP Optical Lab Ltd, based in Israel.

RP specializes in the field of thermal imaging and involved in the defense, homeland security, medical and commercial markets.

Product lines include HD Video Engine,  cooled / uncooled IR-based thermal / IR cameras  and Multi-sensor systems all are making use of high performance thermal zoom lenses covering the entire range of VIS, SWIRMWIR up to LWIR.

RP Optical USA is focused on supporting domestic US customers. Our Florida facility offers quick response to maintenance, engineering, and custom requirements resulting in full local market support for US customers.

RP Optical USA’s facilities

RP optical USA’s premises include state of the art infrastructure, equipment and tools.

Assembly tools & means:

  • Optical elements centering machine
  • Clean Laminaire work-station and environment

Calibration & Test equipment:

  • IR Collimators
  • Calibration black body with tests targets.
  • Cooled & Uncooled Detectors of all types

RP OPTICAL LAB Products collage